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Filippo VeroneseMaker@filippoveronese · CEO, Quokky.com
Hello everyone! I’m really excited to introduce you a new generation of Quokky. Quokky turned in a seamless sharing experience: a place where you can store, research and share all your documents. avoiding that constant switching between Apps! What’s new in Quokky 3.0 -simple chat: a new way to share your documents with everyone - even files of large dimensions. -tailor-made collections: Quokky suits your method and offers you the possibility to organize your files according to your personal criteria. -web App: From now, you can access to your documents with Quokky also from your computer, not only from your mobile devices. Watch the video! https://youtu.be/Ep3mGkdEyg8 I’m curious to know your thoughts about this revolution, so please comment below or interact with us on our facebook page!
Filippo VeroneseMaker@filippoveronese · CEO, Quokky.com
Hi, I am the CEO & co-founder of Quokky. It’s awesome to be here. Still organizing your documents? Quokky magically recognizes documents from your camera, gmail and dropbox. Reminds due dates , makes search easy and keeps records safe. We worked 2 years on this platform with 15 people on it. We were featured in the App store 2 times in 92 countries and we were very proud of that but we want to improve our product by the advice of some experts like you. So, what do you think? A few years ago we realized that there is a total inefficiency in the sharing of documents whether they are paper documents or digital. I have to manage them, control them, move them, archive them and more and more… So we understand, starting with our leziness, that we have to change this market because no one of us wants to do these boring things and we have to change how we understand a document. Today if I sand you a document is like if I send a closed box and when you receive it you have to take that, open and extract all the things (informations) inside and put them in the right drawer. It’s UNBELIEVABLE!!! I don’t want to do anything of that, I don’t want to loose my time on these stuffs. With Quokky and QMagic technology we want to brake this crazy logic. A person downloads Quokky, connects his Gmail account and from that moment all his documents are automatically recognized, managed, stored in the right folder and all the data are managed for all the information that i need to have. I have to do NOTHING. Google is developing the Pony Express Project http://recode.net/2015/03/24/goo... but we arrived before :-) In the last decades nobody has changed this system… any one of us, also if you are Barack Obama, has to manage these documents… So, help us to change that because everyone of us has the right to be lazy :-) Quokky is available on iOS and Android and in the next weeks we’ll be available also on Apple Watch!! New version available in few weeks: - Statistics of all our expenses - Apple Wach app - New revolutionary upload documents system - More and More informations about our revolutionary QMagic Technology - New feature in Gmail connection that allow you to send all your Gmail documents automatically in Qmagic analysis - Premium profiles with unlimited cloud space and unlimited QMagic We are also introducing the payment of all the bills… so, stay tuned!
Eric WillisHunter@erictwillis · Working on something new
The app receives and stores automatically any type of documents (such as bills, receipts, guarantees, car tickets etc).
Filippo VeroneseMaker@filippoveronese · CEO, Quokky.com
Quokky has been selected by Apple as the most innovative application of 2015!!!