Rapid prototyping playground for JavaScript in your editor

Quokka.js is a rapid prototyping playground for JavaScript and TypeScript. It runs your code immediately as you type and displays various execution results in your code editor.

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Great job! I love the easy integration for Atom. You should turn the "start experimenting now" link into a big CTA right at the beginning of the landing page. I took me a bit to figure out how to install it. Our dull minds are so used to a big CTA. Also your headlines look a lot like those CTA's. Maybe you want to change that. However, awesome tool, thank you! :)
@itsdavelux Thanks for you feedback! Will definitely be adding the big CTA shortly.
Hey Product Hunters! I have spent the last few years building tools for software developers. Today I'm very excited to share my latest product with Product Hunters. Especially considering that the product I am about to introduce can help you building your awesome products faster. Quokka.js is a rapid experimentation playground for JavaScript and TypeScript, with access to your project's files. It runs your code immediately as you type, displays execution results and code coverage in your editor. 'Community' edition of the tool is forever-free, and 'Pro' edition is also free while in beta. If you are doing front-end or/and server side JavaScript/TypeScript development these days, then you are experimenting a lot on a regular basis. Experiments may be different, for example: - It may be just running a code snippet or a code file. - You may need to create a quick prototype of a function (or a new awesome feature for your product). Maybe even import a file or two from your project. Perhaps briefly measure the code performance as well. - You may often be opening Chrome Dev tools, or node.js REPL, or various online REPLs, to remember how a function works, or to experiment with some package. - Sometimes you want to test or learn a new JavaScript/TypeScript language feature, or a new framework. Quokka allows you to quickly do all above-mentioned without leaving the comfort of your editor. This means less context switches and less time spent on setting up the environment for an experiment. The tool is easy to try - install it for your editor, open a new Quokka file from the editor's command palette, and start typing some code. Let me know if you have any comments, questions, or feedback. Happy experimenting!
@artemgovorov Maybe I'm lazy/blind but where do I go to install this? haha
@treggify Quokka is a plugin for different editors, so it is installed via a specific editor extension mechanism (like VS Code Extensions, Atom Packages, or JetBrans Plugins Repository). The detailed installation is described for each editor at https://quokkajs.com/docs/. Also, as @itsdavelux suggested, we will be adding the big CTA to the landing page shortly.
@itsdavelux @artemgovorov Awesome! Good to hear, and excited to try it as I dive into learning some more JS!

it more often than not doesn't show, shows an error it didn't complain about the last run (and is not an error) or only shows half the information inline


When it works the inline information is very helpful


it more often than not doesn't show, shows a non error or only shows half the information inline