Live video Q&A with Twitter followers

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Srini Dharmaji
Srini DharmajiMaker@srini_dharmaji · Founder, Vyu Labs, Inc.
Hello friends, Greetings from the Founder of FanDate, Inc. Excited to present our iOS app, QuMe to Product Hunt community for feedback. QuMe is a service for anyone to conduct live video Q&A sessions with their followers. QuMe's push-to-video, floor control technology allows followers to ask live video questions to the host, one-at-a-time for 15 seconds, while the host has 1 minute to answer the question (can be extended by 1 minute per question). The live Q&A interaction is broadcast to all participants in the session and is available for offline viewing once session is closed. Here is the app flow: Host Starts (1 min) --> First question (15 sec) --> Host answer (1 min) --> Second Question (15 sec) --> Host answer (1 min) .... so on. 1. Twitter user starts a QuMe session or schedules for a future date 2. Tweets sent to all followers with link to join or calendar the session 3. Followers join session from tweets or from the app 4. Host live stream starts 5. Host has 1 minute for greetings and setting the Q&A quorum 6. Host opens the floor for fan questions 7. Push to Video button will be activated on 10 selected followers (by QuMe algorithms) 8. First follower to tap will get to ask a live video question for 15 seconds 9. Host has 1 minute to answer the question (extendable by 1 more minute per question) 10. Q&A session can last as long as the host wishes, by repeating 6 to 9 above. Think 2-way live twitter stream. Looking forward to your feedback. Cheers, @srini_dharmaji