A fun online quiz game for teams to get to know each other

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QuizBreaker is a fun weekly quiz delivered by email that helps teams get to know one another better in just 2 minutes per week.
  • Hugh Stephens
    Hugh StephensDirector, Dialogue Group

    Our fully remote team uses QuizBreaker to help each other understand a bit more about everyone’s lives and interests outside of work.


    It’d be great to see some kind of slack integration in addition to email.

    Our team has used QuizBreaker for some time now and it’s become very popular!

    Hugh Stephens has used this product for one year.
  • Ray Milidoni
    Ray MilidoniProfessional Problem Solver

    Fun and Easy way to get to know your team local and remote. Often find out more about people you think you know!


    I wish I found this years ago, tried to do this manually, it lasted a month. With QuizBraker it's all automated and loads of fun!

    Every team no matter how small or big should used tools like QuizBreaker to help with team morale and vibe!

    Ray Milidoni has used this product for one month.
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Nathan Murphy
Nathan MurphyMaker@leveragehacker · Helping teams improve culture
Hey ProductHunters! 👋 We’ve been a remote team now for well over a year. A few months ago we created a little quiz game that helps our team get to know one another in an easy & fun way every friday afternoon online. Since then, we've had over 16,000 icebreakers answered by small and large teams all over the world. 🛠How QuizBreaker works: - Invite your team and answer some ice breaker questions ie: 'What's your favourite book of all time?' - Every Friday each team member gets an email where you have to guess ‘who said what’. ie: 'Was it Jessie or Jonas who said their favourite book of all time is Sapiens?' - Submit your guesses, learn more about the people you work with and see how long you can maintain your streak of correct guesses! 🍄Some of the next features we're currently working on: - New types of quiz question formats - Sign up your whole team with Slack - A feed to react to each other's guesses - More advanced engagement analytics ❤️We’re offering the ProductHunt community 20% off all our annual and monthly plans for life. This discount will be automatically applied to the first 25 customers that signup this week. (I'll update this comment if all 25 discounts are used.) 🙏We'd love to get your feedback and I'm happy to answer any questions.
Daniel Ryan
Daniel Ryan@daniel_ryan
Awesome product to help get your team to know each other on a more personal level
Nathan Murphy
Nathan MurphyMaker@leveragehacker · Helping teams improve culture
@daniel_ryan Thanks Daniel for supporting us since we launched the beta! Really appreciate it.
Ahmad Pram Prayogo Pangestu
Ahmad Pram Prayogo Pangestu@pram · Founder of Duosia.ID
Hello Nathan That's very good innovation, I just thinking if quizbreaker used in university/collage because there are so many people in there and have different posstion but they must know each other for morale Maybe you need give some offer/discount for educational Thanks, I love This...
Nathan Murphy
Nathan MurphyMaker@leveragehacker · Helping teams improve culture
@pram Thank you Admad for the kind words. That's a good idea we will definitely look into it.
Liam Hänel
Liam Hänel@liamhanel
YESS!! I love this! This is sounds like something we definitely need to get on. Thanks Nathan and team ❤️ 🙏
Nathan Murphy
Nathan MurphyMaker@leveragehacker · Helping teams improve culture
@liamhanel Thanks Liam. Let us know if you need any support during your trial.
Hugh Stephens
Hugh Stephens@hughstephens · Director, Dialogue Group
The team at Sked Social has been using QuizBreaker for a while. Helps get to know your colleagues outside of work conversation, and it’s super easy to set up and use. We find it really useful for our fully remote team in particular, but teams across multiple locations or even potentially within one location may find it useful, as it helps you discover new things about people you work with that might otherwise never come up.
Nathan Murphy
Nathan MurphyMaker@leveragehacker · Helping teams improve culture
@hughstephens Thanks Hugh! Really appreciate you being our first paying customer and all the feedback you gave us along the way. Long way to go!