Quit Smoking Now

Reminds you how much money you're saving by quitting smoking

Hi ProductHunters! πŸ‘‹

This is Quit smoking Now OSX

It helps you quit smoking by reminding you how much money you've saved πŸ’°, how many days πŸ“… you've been smoking free and how many cigarettes you've not smoked since your quit date. Directly from your Mac Menu Bar πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»

Just open it, set your quit date, and watch your savings going up! 😎

I don't have a Mac so I'll not be able to test your product but I've some notes. There is a huge amount of free apps who do the same, for free, on the iPhone/Android store. As a smoker, I have the constant reminder of the money I'm burning. But this isn't enough to help me quit. I think what you can do is to improve the features. For example. 1. You can add some motivational quotes to help stop smoking. 2. You can add a mindful meditation, as most of the people smoke when they are stressed. 3. There is an app for smartphone that does that, but: you can make a countdown to help people stop smoking. How? Imagine that I smoke 20 cigarettes per day (it's the amount I smoke per day). But I want to reduce this amount to 10 cigarettes per day. I can't do this by myself, because every time I want to decrease, my brain automatically says "hey... it's time to smoke". The countdown works this way: 1. The user inputs the number of cigarettes per day he currently smokes. 2. The app will ask how much cigarettes the people want to smoke and in how much time they want to accomplish this, for example, 2 weeks. 3. The app will then ask how many hours the person stays awake (for example, from 8 am to 10 pm). 4. The app will then divide 20(cigarettes)/(per hours awake). 5. It will show: You can smoke again in 2 hours. 6. Every day or every X days, the app will: a. remove a cigarette from the total allowed quantity. b. increase the time between each cigarette. It sounds complicated but it does help people "Quit Smoking". I'll try to find the Android app for you :) BTW: You can charge any price you want, it is your product and you have your own problems and needs. If someone can't afford to buy your program, then why in the name of God these people have a Mac?
The app is this one: https://play.google.com/store/ap... Really, really helpful. :)
@limayeltsin Wow that's actually a lot of suggestions and advice for Diego. Thanks for making ProductHunt awesome by helping us makers out!
Simple Mac Menu bar but charge $5 for everyone? πŸ˜‚
@iamrahulkapoor I need monies m8
Simple but effective. Please more currencies after all it is just the ability to change a symbol right?
@tgandur yes. I'd appreciate further feedback in order to improve it and add more features as well :)
Nice little helper.. It will cost you like half a package of cigarets ;) The first big step in quit smoking! And a big one, in my opinion for what you get.. If I would smoke I wanted a personal coach (or bot) who would keep me motivated, through personal messages, notifications etc.. Then I would be willing to pay some money. Even monthly..
@nicostam for most people something that is not free is expensive, I've tried something unique in this market/specific problem space. A Mac App (instead of the mobile app) without a subscription (every other competitor charges monthly fees for nothing) :) Thanks for the feedback, I'm planning to add notifications as well, so you can have better insights on what is going on, more often.
Money is a great reason to quit! Nice! πŸ˜€