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I have hunted Quiply earlier. But, quiply 2.0 is a major upgrade to the initial product. In this version they’ve added support for feedback on companies and all the different organizations and levels that make up those companies.
@dgpayne here, one of the founders of quiply, Our mission with quiply continues to be to help people make their workplaces better through authentic, constructive feedback, but, as Misbah says, we've significantly expanded the capability from quiply1.0.
Different parts of a company are often very different from each other – the experience in engineering can be quite different from the experience in customer support, for example. Also, the workplace experience often depends on how deep in the organization you report. And, of course, the leadership in different organizations and at different levels of the organization can be very different. By giving our users the ability to share on the part of the company and at the level of the organization that influences their workplace success on a daily basis, they’ll be able to provide much more meaningful reviews. And, of course, someone thinking about taking a job at a company wants detailed organizational reviews, not just company-wide discussion. quiply can be thought of as a ‘next generation’ Glassdoor, giving users the flexibility to provide workplace feedback with clear organizational granularity. quiply is outside the corporate firewall. All feedback is anonymous (even to us). All quiply content is viewable by all registered users.
Super cool
This is great! I'm always researching the company when I'm job hunting, and thought that Glassdoor didn't put enough effort into really promoting this aspect of their company. This app makes it easy. How do you ensure that all reviews are valid and not just "haters" and "trolls" and how many many companies are listed, are the companies on the roster posted by (past) (potential) employees?