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Quiply is an app that helps people make their workplaces better through authentic, constructive feedback throughout all levels of the company and across all organizations. They’ve started by enabling them to provide feedback on people they’ve worked with, leveraging their LinkedIn connections.
Look nice, waiting for the android version
@dgpayne here, one of the founders of quiply, I came into this project after many years in the tech space. I've seen first hand the need for a product that helped people make their workplaces better. My two co-founders are veterans in the software industry, with experience delivering full stack web and mobile apps.
I can't work this out from the FAQ: Could anyone (e.g. someone applying for a job at the company) see all of the comments about the employees? Or is it only viewable internally by existing company employees? Update: Ah, assuming they can be seen by anyone using the app, including those that have no connection to the company.
Yes, people who are applying for a job at the company can see employee comments. Our vision is around encouraging feedback on company leadership and executives. That's where we think there will be good value. Someone thinking about working at the company will want to understand what the company leadership is like.