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Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
Quip has massive potential but feel very heavy and difficult to use, imho. It's very hard to move people, let alone entire organizations, away from Google Docs or other tools they're familiar with. That said, I believe it has a lot of potential and like that Bret Taylor and team are thinking mobile from the beginning.
Kevin Li
Co-Founder at Farmstead
@rrhoover they just launched a new gdocs / evernote / dropbox integration, it's amazing
Davy ChangtasticCo-founder, Woofspot
Feels much lighter than Evernote and more collaborative that GDocs. I like that it eliminates the file paradigm that GDocs clings to. Looking forward to working in Quip as it evolves. Sharing docs is a common action but it feels like I'm hunting for the share link every time. Live revision history seems like overkill for docs that see a lot of changes. I should be able to drag certain docs to the sidebar for one-click access. Permissions management is sometimes confusing. Why would removing a user from a folder pop up a notification to the disable the user entirely?
Ashish BogawatUX Designer, gamer, geek...
I recently started using Quip as an alternative to Evernote. A couple of things stand out for me: 1. Spreadsheets inside notes - Why did no one think of this before. It is such a game changer! Now I want them in every note taking and document app. 2. Checklists - Love how the checklists are actual first-grade citizens, not just dumb checkbox characters thrown in front on the text like in Evernote and OneNote. 3. Frequent updates - I love how active the development is and how relevant the new features are, which sadly cannot be said about Evernote