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It's like the Quartz News approach to dating...! Curious if rolling this out to Telegram or Messenger was considered, or if a native conversational app was always the plan. Thoughts @jadzor @DJ_widelife?
@chrismessina indeed. We think that our members will want to end up back at the @Quinn app to view detailed profiles (we're quality over quantity) - so made sense to start with native conversational layer. 3rd party integrations are on the slate... @jadzor @dj_widelife
Good UX guys; I like the lack of swiping! So I get that you're matches are more curated than Tinder/Happn - but like that I don't need to build a profile like eHarmony - which is neat and feels appealing. How much AI is actually involved here..?
Hi @andyandygent, I'm CTO and co-founder at Quinn - thanks for your positive feedback. The goal is for Quinn to interact with users as they would a good friend - natural, trusted, empathetic, reliable and fun - forming that deep relationship that we can then use to make trusted date recommendations. We have deliberately built Quinn to be rule-based AI (bot with user response by buttons, which dictates Quinn's next message, to make the conversation flow quickly and efficiently) - and this gets us most of the way there. There are many other opportunities AI-wise. Our next step will be for Quinn to interact with you differently depending on your personality, behaviour and stage of user journey (e.g a 45yo divorcee new to online dating might benefit from a different tone of voice / question flow than a 25 yo city guy) - there are endless different user personas here, so AI could solve the question of which question to ask next. We admire products like Lark (@ourlark @narekk), GoButler (@gobutler, @jensubk, @navidhadzaad) and Quartz (@zseward) in this regard.
When will you guys expand to the US?
Hey @iamhenrym we're smashing up the UK market currently and @quinn will start matchmaking in the US in late 2016. If you download the app then we'll notify you when we launch in the US. Thanks!
Are you hand-matching people? This reminds me of Dating Ring's https://www.datingring.com/ earlier functionalities, the matchmaker that was on the startup podcast. If you haven't listened to their story, you should. I like the idea, it looks well designed, but what makes it different than the other match making and dating apps?
Howdy @hellosmoore - yes we listened to the Dating Ring story, intense though love their persistence! We don't hand pick matches. Rather, Quinn is powered by AI, asking you questions daily to get to know you better along 70 different themes (values, travel, family, lifestyle, attachment style, proximity etc etc) and then introducing you to a couple of matches each day. With each match suggestion, Quinn also transparently shows why Quinn thought you were a good match. In addition, Quinn makes date spot suggestions and follows up after dates - just like your best friend might - to get to understand what is working and what is not. Quinn also gives you feedback and insights as to how you can get better results from your online dating (eg changing profile photos, responding faster). Users have a deeper and more trusted relationship with Quinn than with other dating products - and in exchange Quinn delivers matches with greater integrity.
@dj_widelife Got it. Very cool. Any early stats on how you compare to others? Then there's the obvious, age old question, when does Android launch?
@hellosmoore Too early for stats just now; Android should launch in September.
interesting approach to the equation - did ppl like the AI "Middle Man" in early testing?
Hi @skywalker - absolutely. Quinn essentially mimics the role of your best friend - getting to know you deeply over time - but is more reliable at suggesting quality dates! One user said to us 'it is like Quinn actually cares' - for us, building this empathy into the product is key. Quinn also gives the user insights into how they could get better results from their online dating pursuit (eg change profile photo if wearing sunglasses), suggests date spots, and follows up after you've been on a date - adding value across your whole dating life.