Radically simple insurance (aka, taking the suck out of it)

Quilt is for online shoppers & first-time buyers who want a simple experience that's approachable. It's easy to use - no salesy agents or overwhelming choices. And you can buy in minutes with no legalese. Renters & life insurance are first & already available across the US. More coming soon, like pet and travel insurance.

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Hey guys, I’ve known the team @ Quilt for years so I'm excited to share this. Quilt is making renters insurance easy to buy (100% online) & understand (plain English and built for users, not lawyers). They're a group of modern product designers & devs and they feel like they were built today by actual humans, not 1950 by legalese-sharing fax machines.
Hey PH 👋 Jenny from the Quilt team here! I’m so happy to introduce Quilt. We’re a start up from Boston offering a radically simple way to buy insurance. Our first of many offerings, all centered around first-time shoppers, is renters insurance with coverage that’s just right for them. We started out with the mission of making insurance simple, accessible, and relevant for the 21st century. While our tech lets us deliver on that promise, it’s really the human element of the Quilt team that makes us special. Unlike traditional companies, Quilt: - Connects: chat with real people, no salesy agents. - Gives honest help: we’ve got your back. - Offers access: open 24/7, 100% online. - Empowers: free resources to conquer insurance. - Keeps it simple: just the right size, built for you. Check us out–you can buy renters insurance in just a few minutes and get covered as soon as today! 🙏 We’d love get some feedback and we’re here to answer questions!

I actually used quilt to get my renters insurance. Didn’t know you were local! Awesome job, team.


Super quick application and approval


I wasn't really sure who the underwriters were, and though our building doesn't require certain ones, some buildings do

Does Quilt cover riders for high value items that usually require an appraisal, like engagement rings? Also, congrats on the launch!
@andygcook you getting engaged?
@andygcook Yup we do! You can schedule items like engagement rings 💍 for up to 50% of the amount of personal property coverage you have, or a $50k max for any single item.
@tjmahony Already am engaged :) Was mostly just curious how that worked and might be looking to switch my renters insurance.
I've had so many issues with traditional insurance companies. Their tech is so old 🙄 Excited to check out Quilt and see your demo at the Product Hunt Boston Meetup today!
@kunalslab Thanks for the comment! I would love to know your biggest pain points with traditional insurance if you are willing to share.
@itstcone signing up, knowing what's covered in your policy, and filing claims are the big three pain points for me. Had to deal with that last one recently and I probably spent 30 hours trying to deal with that one claim over 4 weeks 🤦