Quill Engage

Simplify Google Analytics reporting

Just signed up and got my first report! As a co-founder who really wants to understand his traffic data, but doesn't have the time to invest into learning the ins-and-outs of GA, these reports are perfect! Explained in paragraph form in plain English. This makes it so much easier for me to understand what's happening on my site, where I need to double down and where I can make improvements. Thanks for building such a great tool!
I've been following Narrative Science for a few years now, and continue to be fascinated by their natural language generation platform. Quill Engage could be super-helpful to bloggers who are curious about their site traffic and engagement but who are afraid of or just "don't get" Google Analytics and the like. (I know a lot of such bloggers!) I also love when companies try creative ideas when separating their free vs. premium tiers -- in this case, report delivery in the free tier is delayed a day until Tuesday (for weekly report) or Day 2 of the month (for monthly report); no biggie for truly casual bloggers but potentially enough to trigger others to upgrade.