Collaborative drawing and wireframing app for iPad

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I like how @8bitkid pitches this: "while we can use Slack to communicate, Asana to plan, and Google Docs to write, there wasn't a solution that allowed us to collaboratively draw together. We still share ideas by ripping a page out of a notebook, scribbling on a napkin, or snapping a photo of a whiteboard." Especially w/ Apple Pencil and the iPad Pro coming soon, this looks like a useful addition to the real-time collaboration space!
This is a great tool. Thanks for the find @chrismessina @ilove2makestuff @8bitkid Yesterday on PH we saw Lucidpress as collaborative publishing, and Lucidchart for flow charts and diagrams. How are you hoping to make Quill different from others in the collaborative drawing/wireframing space?
@bshums the core differences are around where we sit in the workflow: Quill is meant to be a nimble tool that easily allows you to capture the spark of an idea and then iterate with your team and route it where it needs to go. Right now we offer saving to Google Drive and Dropbox, but also sharing into Slack. In the future, we will look to integrate with services like Sketch, Balsamiq, Lucidchart, etc. Our goal is to be lightweight and notional. We're not trying to provide the creative fidelity of Paper nor the rigorous IA or UX of OmniGraffle. Instead, this is really about visual communication with your team as you brainstorm.
@8bitkid solves a problem today in a great way. Looking forward to using it on an IPad Pro.
@normanliang thanks so much! I'm looking forward to trying it on an iPad Pro too. FWIW, it also works great with any basic stylus you can pickup for less than $10. We'll look at integrating specific styli SDK's, but ensured that it performs well with a basic stylus as well.