Block annoying parts of the web

Quiet let you block the noisy parts of the web. Speed up your browsing. Block privacy intrusive trackers and third party websites like Facebook and Twitter.

  • Pjotr X
    Pjotr XWeb Developer at a big firm in Amsterdam

    Blocks Facebook really well


    No whitelisting

    I use this app for a while now. Love the simplicity of the app. I recommended it to my less tech savvy friends. They like it as well. The developer keeps updating the app regularl.

    Pjotr X has used this product for one month.
  • Yan Sidyakin
    Yan SidyakiniOS developer, AI enthusiast

    Very easy to select what to block.


    Cannot add custom websites.

    If you're looking for the simplest content blocking solution out there, it's probably your best bet.

    Yan Sidyakin has used this product for one day.
seem useful for me 😂 thanks for recommending it.