The Power of Introverts in a World that can't stop talking

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If you're an introvert, have some introverted qualities, or interact with anyone who does (e.g. everyone), I highly recommend this book. It challenges our cultural bias that extroversion = good and introversion = bad. Cain argues that this status quo only started around 50 years ago, and provides a lot of examples of how many of history's most influential figures have been introverted. As an "ambivert," it helped me realize the power of introverted traits rather than feel shame about them. Here's a related TED talk by the author, Susan Cain: http://www.ted.com/talks/susan_c...
I loved the concept of this book, but really hated reading it (I gave up). It's really massive and basically just seemed to be a lot of research about introverts, without any actionable takeaways.
@_jacksmith interesting. Out of curiosity, are you more an intro or extro?
@msarlitt I'm an introvert, so that's why I was interested to read it. what did you think of it?
@_jacksmith I liked it. Found it very inspiring, though agree it wasn't really a "how to" guide.