Quids for Mac

The cryptocurrency manager for your Mac.

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Quids for Mac is the cryptocurrency manager for your Mac.

Manage your cryptocurrency portfolio securely from your Mac. View your transactions across multiple wallets, send & receive, buy & sell, plus exchange, all from within a native desktop experience.

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Steve Schofield
Steve SchofieldPro@r3trosteve · Beach.io - Forge, Hammer, Anvil
Very happy to see you guys still making! Looks like another beautiful client app, can’t wait to try it! 👏🏻
Nicolas Alpi
Nicolas Alpi@spyou · Web developer, CookiesHQ
This looks beautiful! 😍
Nicolo S
Nicolo S@coconidodev · Founder/CEO - CryptoAnalyst.co
Love it! What's the business model?
Red Davis
Red DavisMaker@reddavis · Freelance iOS & macOS Developer
@coconidodev Thanks! We currently have two models of making money. Firstly, the Coinbase referral fee and secondly, we charge a 1% fee when exchanging currencies (0.5% to Changelly and 0.5% to ourselves)
John Hudson
John Hudson@hudson228john · web designer
Great! I think it will be very useful for me. I prefer high leverage cryptocurrency trading with https://www.monfex.com/ they offer very good conditions and user interface.
Sila Craih
Sila Craih@sila_craih
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