Quidlo Timesheets

Best 100% free time tracking software for small teams

Quidlo Timesheets is a time tracking tool dedicated foremostly - but not only - to all teams still using spreadsheets. It gives more control over time logging and reporting than a spreadsheet, while keeping its simplicity.

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Hello Product Hunters! 👏 Why another time-tracking tool? Well...after ‘surprisingly’ finding spreadsheets not suitable for time logging and reporting, we decided to go for an off-the-shelf application. Surprisingly (yep, another surprise but this time for real), we were not able to spot any suitable solution that is lightweight, budget- and user-friendly. So we thought that we can take up the challenge and create one as an internal project. And here we are! 🎉 This is the first tool we made public and a very first launch on the Product Hunt. We have been using Quidlo Timesheets ourselves for a while. It does the job for us, our clients like it, so we thought, why not to share it? Maybe it can be useful for other teams? We will be pleased to hear back from you whether you think we failed flat or succeeded. Please let us know if you find it useful and be as honest as possible. We will try to handle it:) Stay awesome! 🤘 Radek PS. Everyone loves discounts, so do we! For all of you that will sign up within the next 5 days, we would be giving away 50% off discount codes for the whole year! Quidlo is free of charge at the moment but we will drop you a discount code as soon as we will start charging.
@radekholewa This is awesome. I've started using it and it's so cool. We would really love if you could provide a way to add expenses, so that will be easy to invoice a client based on hours worked and expenses incurred. Also, a way to capture flight/travel time for tele-commuting employees. These would make it so perfect to manage a remote and in-house team.
@readasyougo Thanks for your kind feedback. We are in the process of updating our roadmap. Expect new features to be released soon! We will put the features you mentioned in our backlog and see if there is more interest coming from other users. Thanks, Radek