Making it easier to give employees equity

Set up your company's Incentive Benefits Plan and share real equity with employees directly from your browser (currently built to be compliant for Delaware C-corporations).

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Hello Product Hunt! 👋 We're Quidli and we make sharing equity with employees easy. Our MVP focuses on adding value to early-stage startups incorporated as Delaware C-corps by: 1️⃣ Getting you setup with a Shareholders Agreement, Consent from Board of Directors, and an Incentive Benefits Plan (which are recommended documentation to have in place for equity distribution). 2️⃣ Enabling you to give equity to your employees with templates and workflows prepared by lawyers without having to pay lawyer fees 3️⃣ Ensuring both your company and your employees are aligned via ownership without being exposed to tax obligations before any real liquidity event All directly from your browser. Clear, safe, and easy. 👌 To be open, Quidli today allows you to share equity via RSUs. The main reasons why are to save you and your employees from unnecessary administrative work, premature tax liabilities, and lack of engagement due to having no skin in the game. For more details, read: https://medium.com/quidli/why-yo... As the PH community overlaps a lot with the startup community, we'd love to get your questions, comments, and feedback. That's the best part of building a product, right? 🦑
Hi everyone, I just wanted to add that I already used RSUs in my previous startup (Skylights, YC S16) for employee incentives and it has been a powerful tool with advantages on both side: - employee protection against beeing screwed for diverse reasons (taxes, options forced exercice...) - simple to put in place and manage for the company
cool product!
@thanh_chi1 We're pleased you like it! Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or comments you may have! ✌️
@nassaraf Helping companies build more aligned work cultures is a big part of why we think making equity distribution easier is important. All value creators should be able to get a slice of the pancake🥞😉