Nonfiction made Simple

Quiddity is a mobile app which offers key insights from a growing library of the best non-fiction books, in text and audio. We identify key ideas from the books and present them in nearly 10-minute-long easy to digest packets of knowledge which we call Quids.

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Apoorv Pandit
Apoorv PanditMaker@apoorv_pandit · Dracarys
It's cool. Trying to differentiate in content and experience. Early Days
Belle Balace
Belle Balace@deleted-385510 · On the lookout for new apps and books
This is interesting.
Kelsey Leftwich
Kelsey Leftwich@kelseyleftwich
I would use this if the audio could play when the app is in the background or while my phone screen was off.
Apoorv Pandit
Apoorv PanditMaker@apoorv_pandit · Dracarys
@kelseyleftwich thanks for the feedback. Will implement as soon as we can!