Collect & trade digital stickers, cards, GIFs & 3D figures

Quidd is a Brooklyn based app for collecting & sharing rare digital goods like chat stickers, trading cards, GIFs, & 3D digital figures from fandoms such as Funko, Game of Thrones, Marvel, Star Trek, Rick & Morty, & more. It has over 1 .5 billion limited edition digital items sold to-date. Explore Quidd in the iOS & Android app stores or quidd.co.

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Hey @mbram, What is the most expensive sale of 1 single item?

Quidd has been going downhill since mid-2018 as I started this game with lots of hopes and making many friends who are die-hard collectors. However, recently Quidd has gotten greedy and "tries" to make users more fun with rare stuff. This has gotten to the point that many users and my friends are quitting because of the unfair advantage this has been counting on us. Quidd's major update 3.0 removed the best thing trading and implemented selling (which is not bad). This feature would backlash many of the users having many more people quit in general. They would also delete the once most disliked "shelfies/displays" which make this game un-creative. It is also buggy... So if you have been sponsored by other people, I highly recommend to delete this game.


Barely anything except Steven Universe


Greedy company with many good things removed and a worthless customer service.

The original Quidd in 2017 was AMAZING! Addictive, fun, and affordable. In 2018, Quidd infused the trading with children, needless social media, and greed. By 2019, Quidd chased off its most diehard base by REMOVING TRADING, one-award-only-for-only-one-person chases, and illegal bait-and-switch...repeatedly. The only way to improve Quidd is for the new owner to return Quidd to the 2017 model. This will bring back many of the missing 600,000 Quidders.