What's Trending In Your Favourite Topics of Interest

See what's trending in your favorite topics of interest. Get the latest trends in your email. See trends from selective twitter accounts. signup for the invite.

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On QuickTwit you can see trending hashtags on Twitter for your favorite topics and categories. This is in contrast to Twitter where you can only see general trends. General trends encompass every topic from around the world, which most of the time is of no interest. With QuickTwit, you can quickly glance over what's trending in your topic of interest. If you don't find your topic of interest, no worries. You will be able to soon create your custom Trends Topic. The feature will allow you to tell us your favorite Twitter accounts from your topic of interest, and receive trends only from those accounts. Just sign up for the invite. We will start rolling out the feature soon. You can also subscribe to receive Trends from your favorite topics in your email, so throughout the day you can quickly know what's happening in the world you care about.
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Appears to be dead, as the front page trends are old. Also, looking at the above example page, the single generic words may indeed be trending, but they're of little use.