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Create amazing presentations in minutes not hours

Create amazing PowerPoint presentations in minutes. 🚀📊

✅44 Ready made slides!

✅All stock imagery included

✅No fonts to install

Built to save you time. Get up and running in minutes. Not hours.

Naomy Raquel Quiñones
Makis Mourelatos
  • Braand.co

    So many great ready made slides with pictures!



    Great all round deck with so many pre-made slides. Lovely not having to track down stock photos or pictures of phone and laptops etc. All included!

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Craig Barber
Craig BarberMaker@craigjbarber · London-based Product Designer & Author
Hey Product Hunt community, Putting together pitches and presentations can really suck. You're usually under a super tight deadline, often having to start from scratch. We've all been there. With an emphasis on speed, I've crafted up a unique PowerPoint / Keynote template that is going to save you loads of time. Firstly, there are no fonts to install. Sharing the deck around? No problem. The deck uses fonts already installed on your Windows and MacOS computers. Sorted. Secondly, all stock imagery is included. Yes, that's right. No more trawling the web for that 'perfect' image. It's all there. The deck features 38 ready-made master slides. Slides that are most commonly used in presentations. From the dreaded cover slide ( ‘Hello’ is a good place to start ) to intro slides, case study slides, breaker slides, website and app showcase slides. It's all there, even some copy heavy slides for the word junkies out there. I've created 2 templates, the top link is a Microsoft PowerPoint, and the second link is Apple Keynote - whichever software you use. Questions or feedback? If you have any questions about the deck, ask me here in the comments or check out the Frequently Asked Questions section on my site. 100% money back guarantee If you purchase the deck and think it sucks, no problem. I'm happy to refund you. No questions asked. Happy Pitching! Craig
Sabrina Kipper
Sabrina Kipper@polyakovkakatya · web, designer
Looks, good, I will try. I often make presentation on different themes, and usually use Powerpoint with special power presentation themes. With such themes you can fast create professional presentation with modern and original design.
Craig Barber
Craig BarberMaker@craigjbarber · London-based Product Designer & Author
@polyakovkakatya Thanks Sabrina, glad to hear you like it. I've had a bunch of people use the decks and they've been super happy. I've put every inch of my skills in pitching and advertising into these decks. They will save you loads of time and make your presentations look great.
Der Der
Der Der@der_der · Education
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Vasiliy Ignatov
Vasiliy Ignatov@vasiliy_ignatov
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