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Finding relevant digital marketing content can be challenging and is often cluttered with nonsense. QuickSixty was created to educate the curious about digital marketing and all that's included... daily within a 60 second brief.

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Thanks for hunting - I'd like to hear more about what you were working on before launching QuickSixty, and how do you decide on what content to share each day? @jessetrowe
@abadesi Thanks for the comment! Before launching QuickSixty I started my own company called Ahoy.Ai, an autonomous meeting scheduler driven off of artificial intelligence. I'm a big fan of side-hustles but my background has been primarily focused on digital and product marketing. A lot of the content that will be shared will be specific to what subscribers want. QuickSixty has an internal scoring system based on surveys, engaging content, and other data collecting elements that will be used to direct future efforts :)

Jesse is a bottomless pit of digital marketing knowledge. There should be no fear of him running out of content. Jesse will likely die of old age before 1 minute a day depletes him of actionable thoughts and content.


Jesse has read every book, blog, and article that could help perfect his craft and he's finally willing to share what he's learned.


It's not 2 minutes

Great job!! ๐Ÿ˜Š Will check it out
@ayush_chandra Thanks! :) Let me know your thoughts!