Phishing simulator for security awareness

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Hi everyone! I'm one of the co-founders of QuickPhish (http://www.quickphish.com) and I appreciate the Product Hunt community giving us a look. QuickPhish is a fully automated, fully hosted phishing simulator built to improve security awareness around the risks of Phishing through the usage of phishing simulation training. You have likely read the news and know how prevalent phishing attacks have become... from wire-fraud to ransom-ware or stealing tax returns to hacking another big logo company, whatever the end goal, Phishing is the #1 entry point for end user hacking today! The usage of a phishing simulator in conjunction with security training to help raise awareness and improve an end user's ability to "spot a phish" is not new... it is a recognized best practice that every firm should be doing! If you look, there are plenty of solutions out there to help with phishing awareness... but most of the good ones are quite expensive (north of $10k to start) and geared toward larger enterprises with big budgets. The alternative low cost solutions end up requiring hours of implementation time to get started due to lack of automation or server/hosting requirements. The result is many small to mid-sized organizations go without Phishing awareness simply because the tools their tech teams need are not readily available.... that is until now! QuickPhish solves the small to mid-market challenge by offering a low cost, fully functional, fully automated, SaaS style Anti-Phishing tool designed to help organizations achieve maximum security awareness with minimal cost or time invested. If you're an IT professional or InfoSec consultant I encourage you to visit the site http://www.quickphish.com and check out the tool for free or forward it to your IT specialist. Signup is free and so is sending yourself a test simulation. Pay as you go credit's start as low as $1. Check out our animated features page to get a feel for the solution: http://www.quickphish.com/features
@pdxfox44 Looks neat! I made the site letsgophishing.com a few months ago just to play around with. Not actually sure if it works right now because I was using Mandrill to send emails, and I know that was shutting down (Maybe today)... I gotta fix it. Anyway, I know there's definitely a need for something like this. I'd love to talk more with you if you're interested! Maybe we could do something together!