Never forget where you're parked again!

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But Google Now does this automatically.
@ziggycrane Google Now will register where you park your car automatically with decent accuracy, but lacks a lot of the features that QuickPark offers. QuickPark allows you to set a timer with one click right when you park to make sure that you don't get a ticket at a meter! It's also much easier to find your car with our ⌚️ app, just click on the complication and get step-by-step walking directions back to your car! 🔑🔑🔑 It'll even let you set a voice recording for places like leveled parking structures, where even Google Now won't be able to find your car! QuickPark is also very friendly to intoxicated individuals 🍻, and if you park and go out for the night Uber you right back to your car the next morning, right from the app! We're working on automatic parking features, but we want it to be perfect so it's taking some time and wanted to gauge interest! If you have any other suggestions or questions please let us know! Thanks for checking out QuickPark! Another 👆
Hi, I'm Josh! I can't even tell you how excited we are to release QuickPark. We've been working on it non-stop for so long in secret now that we are absolutely stoked to see what the public has to say about it, so please let us know your comments, thoughts, questions, suggestions, or even random thoughts that pop into your head! We appreciate any feedback, our goal is to make the best app we possibly can, and we hope that QuickPark will be your ultimate parking assistant!
Really needed an app like this the other day when it took me 30 minutes to find my car at the airport parking :-)
I love these type of Apps. It is perfect for people that are absent minded like me:-)
Can it also give directions to my car? If so, that's cool. If not, add it! :)
@stefamini It absolutely does! Step by step directions on your watch or your phone!