Make personalized Spotify playlists for any mood

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Quickmix analyzes your favorite tracks on Spotify and creates a playlist with your tastes in mind. It uses data collected from over 3 million playlists to determine which tracks fit each mood, activity, and your unique listening history. The result is a playlist curated just for you, right now.



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Nathan Igdaloɟɟ@igdaloff · Product Manager @ Big Human
Quick and smooth process. Nice work guys. The mix is solid, too.
Jesse GreenMaker@jessedavidg · Ribbon, Inc.
Hi! QuickMix takes the concept of mood-based listening and blends it with personalized music discovery. By learning from over 1 million Spotify playlists and using word2vec, a model that transforms words (or songs) into numeric vectors, we are able to create mood/activity playlists full of music that fits your taste. Thanks for checking it out!
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Bringing back the mixtape. 😁 Check this out, @arjunkmehta. Sadly, it's not working for me. I authenticated with Spotify but it hangs when I try to load a playlist.
Jesse GreenMaker@jessedavidg · Ribbon, Inc.
@rrhoover Thanks for checking it out! I just tested it and it appears to be working now. Want to give it another shot?
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
@jessedavidg still not working for me. :( I'm on Mac + Chrome 53.0.2785.34 beta (64-bit).
Sara Klaben@sarmk28 · Founder & CEO, Scena
@rrhoover @jessedavidg Hi it's working for me now on Mac and Chrome. Super excited about this since 8tracks just disabled most of the international listening. I'm jamming out right now :) Thanks QuickMix!