Quicklytics for Google Analytics

Easiest and fastest way to check your Google Analytics

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@Quicklytics is simply the fastest and minimalistic way to check your GA account. Well done @escoz
@stvmcg Thanks, really happy to see it here!
I love this app.
Been looking for a good mobile solution and checking this out. Any idea what the paid version or in app purchases are?
@ericfriedman Hey Eric, the basic app allows you to see all data for the current day, but to access data for previous days you need to purchase the IAP. There is no paid version of the app in the AppStore now, but the app used to be paid a long time ago.
The effort that has gone into this looks pretty amazing, can't help but feel it deserves a higher traffic day. great hunt none the less!
@samcambridge Thanks Sam! It's great to see it here, I always follow product hunt, so great to finally have something with my name on it :). I've been developing Quicklytics for many many years, I think the first version came out for iOS3.
Is this still available? I get a 'not in your country' when I search it in the App Store.