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Is this legal?
@csaba_kissi IANAL but pretty sure selling small lists of highly targeted contacts is not only very legal but something that also happens on a larger scale every day by tons of companies. Obviously you can't just go and be a spammer, but cold email outreach to very targeted lists is an extraordinarily common practice.
@philfreo yes that makes sense as long as you will send them personalised. I dont know if the name/surname is provided with the list
@csaba_kissi @philfreo in some countries it is illegal to cold email, so you need to check with your local laws. In the US it's perfectly legal as long as you abide by the CAN-SPAM regulations[1] (tl;dr: be honest with your identity, provide unsubscribe mechanism and actually honor it, etc...) [1] https://www.ftc.gov/tips-advice/...
This is awesome! Couldn't find out how to get a list. Can you help me get some influencer lists?
thanks @nik_hall! just sign up for the mailing list and you'll get emailed when new lists are made available.
this is as old as time, selling lists. but marking as sold out is just corny.
@passingnotes having a limit on the # of times we sell a list keeps lists from getting overused and increases deliverability.
@angilly that makes sense - in theory - but in practice, those same names are likely to appear on a zillion other lists and in a zillion other databases that are marketed for lead gen and prospecting - but maybe not if they are specialized enough (a few of yours seem quite focused, other like "VP HR" feel much more general)
Maker here. We didn't expect this to get hunted so soon but what a welcome surprise! Happy to answer any questions you have.