Jot down & auto-save quick notes, in Markdown or plain text

Jot down quick notes and auto-save them with QuickJots. You can use GitHub Flavoured Markdown to easily embed images, or even task-lists to track to-dos. It's private — all notes stay on your device; no login or downloads are needed. There's a dark mode too!
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Shubham Jain
Hi Product Hunt! 👋 I'm Shubham, just about to start my first year of uni this month. I've had some fun building this web-app, QuickJots, recently and thought it could be useful to others too! I've been using the data:text/html, <html contenteditable> 'trick' to jot down or paste quick bits of text for a few years now, but have always been annoyed that my text disappears when I navigate away, how awkward it is to remember or type if I'm on a different computer, and that it pastes with any HTML formatting by default (amongst other issues...). So, I made QuickJots! 📝 It's a really simple website which you can bookmark and go back to whenever you want, to paste or jot down any random notes you might want to whilst browsing the web. - 🖊️ It's got a Markdown editor, with GitHub Flavoured Markdown support — you can make quick to-dos with task-lists, embed images you need to keep referring back to, add clickable links, and so much more with it! - ✏️ It's got a plain-text editor — use it if you just want to edit some text before you paste it somewhere else with no formatting, or to jot down a number someone's giving you over the phone. - 🕵️ Anything you type stays on your computer; nobody will ever see what you write —the source code is available on GitHub too. - 💾 Everything gets saved automatically, as you write — just paste something and go; it'll be there when you get back! - 🌐 It's all browser-based, so you can jot notes on any device, without needing to install anything else. - 📶 It works offline, so you don't always need an Internet connection. - 🔓 No registration needed; just visit the site and start jotting! - 🌙 It's even got a dark mode — to save your eyes! Hope you find it useful! If you have thoughts or ideas on any additional features, I'd love to hear them! 😊