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Quick Search is a social media search engine built for brands who want insights, not just data. It helps you find content ideas, detect influencers, understand audiences & spot trends instantly. Sometimes, all you need is a quick overview of what’s happening - on social, online news, blogs or forums. Quick Search helps you picture your brand in seconds. It’s an easy to use and incredibly powerful (you have our word!)

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29 Reviews4.8/5

This is basically an enterprise solution tool in a smaller bite size. It gives you all the important data you could need for the last 13 months and you can easily compare and get insights into your competitors. I am thrilled that there is a solution for smaller businesses with smaller budgets that still needs robust data. Good job!


Analytics made so easy even my grandma can understand it, read it and create a report. Perfect!

Great solution for small/med businesses.


limited info on influencers so not so much for influencer marketing but definitely good for all reporting and campaigns or live data.

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Wow! You can get so many stats on your brand or any topic in just 3 seconds. Impressive! The comparison function is very handy too.
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Thank you @_jacksmith, for hunting us! Ever got tired of making sense of data? First it’s not easy to get all your data in once place and then finding insights can keep you up for nights! Quick Search makes finding brand insights super easy and quick. You can analyze billions of conversations in one tool and get all the key metrics in beautiful dashboards. You can also compare up to 5 topics or brands at one time and get unlimited results going back 13 months. I hope you enjoy using Quick Search as much as the team at Talkwalker enjoyed developing it! Please feel free to ask us any questions. We’re also constantly looking to enhance and improve our product so any feedback you have is very welcome!
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Definitely worth trying for every marketer! Quick, intuitive, simple.


Unlimited search, comparison of mutliple brands, quick insights into your brand reputation or any other topic, awesome to get content ideas!


A lot of insights - need to pick up what really matters

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You can find new Content Marketing ideas, check a trend on any social network, find photos of any brand on social via image recognition, see instantly all influencers to any topic.


No setup or training necessary. Type in a search term, hit enter and see endless monitoring data.


Difficult to say. Maybe trial periode could be longer? But actually no real Con.

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