Quick Quiz

A widget based quiz game that's always ready to entertain!

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Dennis Cessan
Dennis CessanMaker@denniscessan · Indie Dev
Hello Hunters! 👋🏼 We're so excited to be able to launch our new game Quick Quiz here with you! 🎉 If you have any questions or feedback please let us know - everything is appreciated 🤓 Also we've included some promo codes just for you guys so you can get the full experience with Quick Quiz. You'll find the promo codes on our website if you click through Product Hunt. ✌🏼 **** How to play 1, Open the app to create an account and log in 2, Swipe down from the top of your screen to reveal 3, Swipe to left and tap on “Edit” at the bottom 4, Add Quick Quiz to your displayed widget. Pro tip: put it at the top :) 5, Play Quick Quiz any time you want from the notification center
Samarth Jajoo
Samarth Jajoo@jajoosam
@denniscessan Seems really cool, android support?
Dennis Cessan
Dennis CessanMaker@denniscessan · Indie Dev
@jajoosam Thanks! We're looking into how we can apply our concept on Android. ✌🏼