Quick Preview for Soundcloud

Just hover the ▶️ button to preview music on Soundcloud

Quick Preview for Soundcloud is a Google Chrome Extension which enables you to quickly preview a sound before playing it. Just hover the ▶️ button with your mouse and listen to the four samples that will follow.

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4 Reviews5.0/5
As a frequent user of Soundcloud, I was missing a way to preview a track quickly without losing/interrupting the music I’m currently listening to - so i built this small chrome extension during a weekend. For anyone using Mixcloud, this extension should be familiar as they’ve had a similar feature for years. If you find any bugs or have any ideas, please let me know.
@mathemming Thank you making this extension 👏 Like you I really like this feature on Mixcloud so it's great to have that on Soundcloud from now
@mrcalexandre Glad to hear :)
much needed feature for soundcloud, thanks for building it. just downloaded. add to queue would complete this if you have the time :)
Heyo @arjunkmehta, i'm about to do some updates on this extension, could you shot me an email if you have time, need to ask you some follow up questions regarding the “add to queue” feature. hemmingsson dot m at gmail com