Quick Notes

Maintain organized notes on every new tab πŸ“

Quick Notes lets you make all your notes accessible at the launch a new tab.
Organize and color code them as you please. Add rich formatted text, images and links. Also, drag and drop pretty much any thing you find interesting while you browse the web.
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5 Reviews5.0/5
Was looking for a product which I can use to instantly collect notes while reading and browsing across the web. This turned out to be just the exact product I wanted.
Hello Hunters! I started making this extension for personal use, to make quick/short notes and save interesting stuff I find on the internet. Gives me immense pleasure to share it with you. Feature requests are welcome. You can also contribute at https://github.com/sagar0907/qui.... Cheers!
Great job!!πŸ˜€ Will be useful! What all features you are planning to make it more useful?
@ayush_chandra Planning to make backups more robust. Looking for ideas to make further improvements.
Very helpful. I see that I can paste text from the clipboard but not images - can that be added?
@richard_kaplan1 Images can be pasted if copied from the web. Also allows adding images through links. But, it doesn't support uploading of images. Mainly due to storage concerns. Will look to add it for sure.