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Tweet or post to Facebook from your iOS notification center

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Maybe I'm wrong but I thought Apple had some rules against using the keyboard in the notification center. Either way, this is clever and makes ad-hoc tweeting/Facebook posts a bit easier:
@rrhoover Yes, the rule was implemented when the app 'Neato' was released which allowed writing notes via notification center, but eventually Apple gave up & never removed it either because a keyboard basically boils down to a bunch of buttons in a specific order, which isn't against their rules. :)
@rrhoover I was going to say the same thing. Pretty surprised to see that app there
@saltb0x @rrhoover Apple removed Neato. And I guess this app has a same problem: Apple doesn't allow them to submit an update.
I was really happy to see this on the app store, and bought it straight away, but have run into a bug. It let me link my Facebook account fine, but it gets stuck on the 'Processing your account' modal when I try to add my twitter account. Little help?
I missed this feature when they dumped it in iOS, great to see an App bring it back - let's see if it lasts!
@fredsoneya yeah I was thinking about this, this was available before as part of iOS? Why did they dump this?
@bramk no idea, iOS7 took them away.
Came across this today too, makes life that little bit easier :)