Quick Capture

Capture, upload, edit and share screenshots to Slack

Quick capture is a chrome extension. Developed to capture, annotate and share images or browser screen with a single click share. It has various features like print, annotation, storage. User can also share captured and annotated image directly with his employee or client via Slack.

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20 Reviews5.0/5
Great job!! Will check it out , how’s it different from Marker,Nimbuzz?😊
@ayush_chandra I would accept it that we are not different at this stage but we are coming up with feature that would differentiate us. Moreover like when BMW came to the automobile market Mercedes was there in the trade and ruling the market. For customer both made cars but it was the competition between them that made them what they are today and people are mad after their product. In summary we are trying to be more feature rich and efficient in a way that our users could benefit, rather than prove we are different.

Really helpful when I want to point out any design issues or a bug on a web page to the development team.


Easy and time saver


Don't see any cons

I like the product and the slack integration is the best part. As for me slack is primary medium of communication it helps me to keep things organised easily.


Simple to install, access and use. The team has kept the tool minimal, no fancy tools bare basics. Result > ease of use.


I think once I start to use it more would like to share.

All the best Krunal for launching. The best thing I like about Quick Capture is the full-screen capture. Solves so much trouble.

Full screen capture, Download, Share and Slack are some of the best features we use daily.


Great features and very easy to use.


Still didn't found any