Automatic captions & subtitles for video

#4 Product of the DayJune 01, 2019
QuiCC automatically captions your videos, allows for edits, and burns those captions onto your video. At 91% accuracy, you can caption your videos from Android, iOS, and desktop in minutes. Customize your captions to match your brand with our caption engine.
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Hey PH! Jason from the QuiCC team here! From all of us from our development cave, we are so excited to share this product with other passionate video content creators! We believe everyone has a story to tell, and every story has value. With the rise of video content online, we got tired to scrolling past talking heads and having to plug in headphones to listen to content. QuiCC was created to lower the time and 💲 cost that goes into traditional captions on video. Here are some highlights! - Automatic transcription of your uploaded video ~91% accurate. - 🔥 Our caption engine "burns in" your styled captions - no more post production!! - Cross platform support, so you can caption anywhere! - Start to finish in mere minutes, perfect for creators on the go. - Multiple language and accent support! - Re-edit videos for multiple uses/styles. We strive to provide value and transparency to our community each day and we would love to have you as a part of that community! Let us know what you think! Happy to answer any questions! 🙌 P.S. We are offering 40% off on paid accounts for LIFE until 6/4/2019
@jason_toevs1 When we first met almost a year ago I loved your focus on making sure the AI, data and structure was setup no matter the solution you were delivering. To watch things grow into a high powered solution that not already has a fast growing beta community but is something I know my community will find valuable is beyond impressive! Keep up the amazing work!

Cool thing about Quicc is that you can upload the video from your phone and edit right there. Or you could edit it on your computer and download it to your phone. You don't have to mail it or link to it.


The biggest advantage Quicc has over others is that it's device-agnostic. It works with all devices and computers.


Improve accuracy. I have a tricky accent that NO AI likes. So it's not a Quicc thing!

@merylkevans Your feedback has meant the most to us since this product is helpful for the hard of hearing community. We have heard you and hope to continue to make QuiCC better for EVERYONE.

The team behind QuiCC is incredibly responsive to suggestions and provides supports like few companies I've ever seen. Really can't say enough wonderful things about the produce and the team behind it!


Fast, easy, accurate & FUN! I love being able to use "branded" captions. The embedding is an incredible timesaver & provides so much value.


iOS compatibility which is a known issue they are working on.

We think the burning in of captions is by far our favorite feature too! :D Go enjoy all your extra time!
In fall 2018, we went around the corner for some lunch and walked out with the inspiration​ for QuiCC. We are passionate about helping people tell their stories and we are pleased to launch QuiCC to digital marketers, mobile journalist, teachers, bloggers, vloggers, and more.

Artificial Intelligence video captioning has been driving me crazy for the last couple of years. I've easily spent $1k+ testing tools but not one did what I needed: 1. Quick 2. 90% Success rate transcribing with easy editing 3. Overlay on video with style! I got to hang with the team in KC last month and test the tool and I LOVED it and I love the amazing community they've already built with beta users and also the vision the founders have for the future of this tool!


FAST Upload Easy to use interface Customizable fonts, text and layout Easy editing 90% correct with transcribing me Export is fast


Would love a mobile App Nice to have more control of where the font is placed iPad app with additional touch screen features!

I love that QuiCC can keep up with the quickness of your speech. Thanks for trying us out, @isocialfanz and for the awesome feedback!