Apps to help parents raise their kids

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@fcardoletti - give us a run down of what apps you love in the space and what the opportunity is! i think chore monster is intriguing - https://www.choremonster.com
@eriktorenberg there are tons of apps and innovative products in the space. I'll list just a few and I will post more in the coming days. http://www.owletcare.com - smart suck for babies that measures/tracks heart rate, oxygen level and sleeping data for your baby http://projectpixelpress.com - design your own video games https://www.kudoso.com - kids earn internet points by doing chores (similar to choremonster to some extent) http://www.maily.com - safe email for kids. Tons of opportunity in the space. Biggest pain points for parents are safety (for their kids), quality and cost of education (from early days to high school) time (especially for parents of younger kids) and money (less disposable income) - this is clearly not shocking but any product that can address successfully anyone of these issues will be very much welcomed.
It looks like they are an aggregator of digital products for kids. Divided up into: 1. Learning - http://quib.ly/product-category/... 2. Playing - http://quib.ly/product-category/... 3. Gadgets - http://quib.ly/product-category/... I recently came across this site called Minopo (http://minopo.com/). They curate children's toys (no toys with harmful chemicals etc) and are donating 1 meal to a hungry child in the US, for every $5 sales online.
@narekk Hi Narek - thanks for your feedback. Quibly is not an aggregator of digital products for kids. Quib.ly is a Q&A community which helps parents, educators and experts raise happy, health children while managing the challenges and opportunities of digital technologies. The store is just one small experiment to discover a sensible revenue model that is not reliant on advertising. As a matter of fact, while we only feature 60 products, we have over 10K articles and user generated Q&A threads.
@fcardoletti @narekk What a fantastic idea. Ultimately, this is a forum for real parents to get real input on raising healthy happy kids and being healthy and happy while doing it. Awesome!
Congratulations @fcardoletti You cracked the "future of commerce"
@ozguralaz Ozgur, do I sense a hit of sarcasm in your comment? in the future, some constructive criticism would probably be more helpful :) For the record, we are not an ecommerce site. We are building a Q&A site for parents and experts to talk about the challenges and opportunities of raising children in a connected and tech-driven world (as shows by over 10K+ articles and discussions on the site.) The 'store' was an initial attempt to monetize the audience.