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I'm very excited to be sharing this on ProductHunt :) This new version of the Quibb app brings the desktop experience that members love to the iPhone - follow and comment on industry news that matters, personalized by your Quibb network. I've completely updated the design, and added a bunch more features (i.e. Sharesheet, posting to Twitter) to make the product more complete and in-line with the web app. If you're not a Quibb member yet, you can apply here (http://quibb.com/) via Twitter, or you can check out the Popular feed directly from the main screen without logging in or signing up. More on Quibb here too, from a recent Maker Hunt AMA. Very happy to answer any questions from PH folks!
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@sandimac I'm a big fan of Quibb, Sandi! Excited about this!
@sandimac Awesome! I love Quibb.
@sandimac very cool, just updated!
@sandimac huge upgrade, great stuff!
LOVE Quibb (and Sandi!). Fun fact: I first introduced Product Hunt (when it was a simple email list) on Twitter and Quibb in a post titled, Announcing Product Hunt. @sandimac - Quibb has a private membership and not everyone can submit articles and join the conversation (similar to PH). Do you see Quibb as being completely open in the future?
@rrhoover thanks! :) I do think there will always be requirements to become a Quibb member (i.e. the people who can share content and comment). In my mind, Quibb is like an industry journal or other business news source. Since all of the content on Quibb is submitted by members, those people are the sole contributors everyday. Quibb is focused on the content that people need to do their job, to progress in their career, to make important decisions... it doesn't make sense for non-experienced professionals to become full contributors. One of the reasons why I started Quibb with this model was I kept seeing important and really high value conversations in open products (i.e. Twitter, blog comment sections) being derailed. Having Quibb based on a follow model helps a lot with this too, so you can unfollow people if you don't want to see their content or comments. I still think things are early for social products and how a person's graph is defined. I'm excited to experiment on the asymmetric follow model in the future :)
@rrhoover I'm pretty sure I learned about PH through Quibb myself.
Quibb has been the single most important way I've gotten to engage with peers from the industry across the other side of the globe, and have made quite a few awesome new connections that have helped immensely in my start-up journey over the last 2.5 years. Congrats on the new app launch!
@rrhoover @sandimac big fan of the desktop and email version. Downloaded this just now. Looks awesome, and clean and simple. And I agree @sandimac , thats HARD to do
There are only two product I religiously checkout everyday - Quibb and Product Hunt. Love the update Sandi! I've been looking forward to a way to get the Popular posts for the day!
@courtlandalves Thanks, that's great to hear! The different feeds were requested a lot... @machinehuman made some mean mockups for funsies, to show how/why to get those feeds in the app!
I love the new app! I remember v1 and this is a huge improvement over that. How do you see the product evolving now -- feature parity across mobile / desktop? Mobile first?
@eric_seufert I wrote a post about the process over on Quibb (http://quibb.com/links/better-bu...) and Medium (https://medium.com/@Quibb/better...). You can see an old Feature Assessment there, but even since that was done I've added several new web-only features. I was honestly pretty shocked when I first saw that full feature list, accentuated by the red and green (thanks @icschoen, @lindblomsten and @katerutter for putting it together). I think for the time being, since so much activity is on desktop, that'll continue to be the driver. It's also so much easier (still) to build out and test simple features on the web vs. mobile. I don't think parity will make sense in the near future, but yeah - like you say, I don't think it's crazy to think that there could be a mobile-first Quibb in the not-too-distant future :) It will be interesting to see how and if this new updated version causes more folks to switch their Quibb habit over to mobile. That could change the balance wrt the resources and focus on each platform.
Yay Sandi! Congrats on the launch!