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Not sure why I didn't post this earlier. I've been an avid Quibb user since ~June 2012. Loving what @sandimac has done. Add me http://quibb.com/ryanhoover/apply :)
:) thanks @badboyboyce and @rrhoover - AMA!
thanks, @imkialikethecar! and yes, you got it @mishachellam! @rrhoover - great q :) the long-term goal is for any knowledge-based professional (petroleum chemists, patent lawyers, CPG marketers, etc...) to use quibb to find and talk about industry news, directly from experts and colleagues.
BIG congrats to @sandimac on the announcement today. $650 seed round secured by Bloomberg Beta (cc @roybahat, @strickland_dan), Lightbank, and betaworks (cc @nchirls). She reserved another $100k for friends and family. Snag a piece of Quibb through Alphaworks. :) http://quibb.com/invest
FIRST Q! @sandimac - What's your long-term goal for Quibb? For the past 1.5 years, you've built a fantastic community of entrepreneurs, investors, and other startup folk but what will Quibb look like in 1, 2, or 5 years?