Queue for Mac

To-do list, inspired by priority queue data structure

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Greetings, hunters! I'm Adrian, the maker of Queue. Thanks to @chandan_im for hunting the app! I built Queue for myself to "sort out my life" and just to have fun building apps. I had no idea it would receive such traction considering I wasn't done developing a solid version. The user experience will be greatly improved in the upcoming version! I'd love to hear your feedback and would be glad to answer any questions :) Cheers! Note: There's a bug with the date setting where everything becomes tomorrow. Will be fixed asap!
@beingadrian Congratulations!!! I have few questions for you. - What inspired you to built Queue? - Initial I was searching for my older list, Why not one more sidebar button to see all list and then click on it to see the detail checklist (Master Detail kind of UI in single window) rather than accessing it from Menu. - What are the future plans?
@chandan_im Alright let's go through them! 1. I was having a conversation with my mentor about his implementation of a download manager. He was talking about how he used priority queues behind the scenes and that gave me the idea to build this app. I had no idea it was going to be on Product Hunt, but now that it is, I'm definitely excited to rollout more features and updates! 2. Great idea. What I'm building right now is a menu bar widget to list all the Queues. That way all the queues are accessible regardless on which desktop they're in. What do you think? 3. Future plans: - An accompanying menu bar widget - iCloud integration - Make setting a time optional (e.g. December 1, 2016 instead of December 1, 2016 10:43AM) - UI improvements I'm open to suggestions! :)
@beingadrian having a menubar widget will be awesome, How about OS X today widget integration for all high priority task ?
@chandan_im That's an awesome idea. I'll work on that too for the next update. Thank you for the feedback!
@beingadrian How much time did it took to build this application, from idea to release.
Doesn't work on OSX 10.10 :(
@jblok2 this is because swipe action (NSTableViewRowAction) in tableview is only available in OS X 10.11, Why not you upgrade the os, or do you work on OS X 10.10 specific things?
@chandan_im I don't. I just haven't got round to it yet really. I just would have thought quite a few people might be on 10.10 still, seeing as it's the previous major version. Looks like a cool app though - I'll upgrade soon ;)
@jblok2 @chandan_im I built the swipe action from scratch, but the completed sliding animation is indeed from NSTableViewRowAction. I shall look into it to see if there's a work around for it. Cheers!
Hmm, having trouble getting it to work. Installed via app store. I'm on 10.11.3. Icon is in my dock, but nothing launches (no errors etc). @beingadrian
@mscccc I do apologise for the 0 onboarding. What's happening is that there is no queue at the moment. You have to create a new Queue through the menu bar. The experience will be greatly improved for the next update. Sorry about that!
Queue for Mac wisely incorporate the idea of ‘Priority Queue’ data structure and blend it nicely into a todo list application.
I'm absolutely hopeless at sticking with todo apps to get anything done, I've tried most of them. However, this one comes in at a great price (free) so I'm willing to give it a go. :-)
Hi @frassmith , What specific things you look into a todo apps, and what are your recent todo application,
@chandan_im I have two issues with ToDo apps, and they're both me. One, I have to remember to add tasks to the app, and Two, I have to remember to return to the app and mark tasks as done. :-) Most recently I've used ToDoist and Reminders. At work, we use Pivotal tracker, but it doesn't allow me to sort and prioritise my tasks. I've actually considered writing some code to auto-populate ToDoist from Pivotal, when my manager assigns a story to me. When time permits, I may still do that. It's, er, on my todo list. :-)
@frassmith thats cool, Actually I Love todo apps for your both reasons, adding task into todo list insure me that this items will not be left undone, whereas marking all task as completed gives a sense of accomplishment :)
@frassmith agreed on the core problem with todo apps