Keeps your goals in the forefront of your mind

We’ve all been there. That moment you could be working towards your goals - but you’ve been scrolling down Facebook for 15 minutes. Questr is here for you - a way to convert procrastination into progress. With a single click, you remind yourself of your goals, and how much time has passed - and most importantly - that there’s still opportunity.

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Posting this little app from Jeff. Designed as a side project by myself and made in to a real live functioning app for iPhone. Our first exercise in mobile app development. We've been doing this in our spare time to learn about designing for mobile and graphics programming. Currently messing around in Unity to see if we can build for both Android and iOS through a single pipeline while getting good animation results XD Wish us luck~ Thanks for taking a look and happy to get feedback from the community on our first project!
This was a fun way to get started with IOS development. We wanted to create something simple, yet useful. Tools to help stay motivated appeal to me. On the technical side, we wanted to create something that used zero images. All of the graphics and animations are done using Apple's Core Graphics library and some SVG. This helps with screen scaling, but more importantly allows a very small team to keep up with updates and new content. (We don't need to maintain libraries of various images targeted at different resolutions) To move this app, along with it's design ambitions, to Android, we're looking into using Unity as an engine. Thanks for checking out Questr!
@moderateextremist I like the minimalism of the app, it really doesn't need too many elements in order to be useful. It's intriguing to know about the technical process as well, often we overlook the effort that goes towards things like this :)
@tcodinat Thanks Toni!
Haven't tried the product yet (not a fan of "pay before try"). How does it work, when does the reminder screen show up? I think it would be great if it could be set as phone background or lock screen, or even better, everytime you start wasting time on Facebook or Twitter. But not sure on how effective it would be for me if I had to intentionally go check it up myself. It seems from the description you built this as a learning project / experiment. I would suggest reconsidering the business model if you want to get valuable feedback from users playing with the app. Freemium, free trials or at least more info on how the app works could help acquiring more users and feedback.
@marcbc Thanks for the feedback! The app doesn't automatically remind you. It's meant to be something you can open up to refocus your motivation. I like the idea of setting it up as a reminder though! Something to look into for future updates. We decided to go very simple with the business model, but you have some excellent points there. We'll certainly be looking into other business model options in the future.
Great and simple) Thanks for the product, I have been waiting something like this long time)
HOW? Show me in the marketing. I see "RUN A MARATHON" on your website, and as everyone who knows anything about GTD knows, big-daunting tasks like these WILL NOT GET DONE because they're too big to think about (let alone DO). If there are subtasks I'm not seeing, then that's great, but even in the marketing info you say: "Standard list stuff here. Add, delete and complete! We didn't over-complicate it." I don't want Standard List Stuff. I want a boot in my butt to make me complete things. Maybe you just need really small tasks on your screens. "Release Questr App" — was that simple?
@pixelmelter Thanks for responding! The app was originally designed for mid to long term goals. (Things to do in about a year or less) I think your points are very good. I find myself more and more trying to balance: -Staying focused towards my goals vs -Taking baby steps towards them each day A mechanism for incremental progress could be a really cool feature to add in an update!