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#1 Product of the DayFebruary 11, 2019

Schools around the world emphasise knowledge about events, facts and concepts. Questo makes studying as easy and fast as possible: snap a photo of a textbook to create a quiz. You focus on learning, we'll take care of the rest🤘

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This app, apart from the fancy UI, seems to be barely operational...
Hello Product Hunt! We're a team of three high schoolers who started Questo to make studying faster and more effective for kids around the world. Students today are always looking for ways to revise faster and better. Questo helps you quiz yourselfー just take a snap of a textbook and our AI will generate fill-in-the-blank and who/what style flashcards. Today we're proud to share a beta version of Questo with the following features: * Picture upload with easy scanning * Text upload * Wh-style and fill-in-the-blank style questions * Flashcards Questo was designed with humanities subjects like history and economics in mind, but feel free to try it out on other subjectsーwe love feedback! Let us know how it performed on your text, and how we can help you study better. We look forward to hearing what you guys have to say, happy studying! <3
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We've seen more camera-based apps like this to help students study as of late. @taichi_kato, how are you translating the screenshot of text into the appropriate flashcards? Sounds incredibly challenging. Will have to try it myself.
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@rrhoover Hi Ryan, we're detecting the text using OCR, which we process to come up with quizzes. The two components to our app – the OCR and the question generation algorithm – makes it an extremely challenging problem to solve. Lots of areas for improvement though!
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Awesome idea. Any chances or hopes for an android release? Don't have any mac devices to use myself..
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@mastemine Unfortunately it’s not in our timeline yet. We’re a group of 3 high school students. However, we will be working on a web version in the near future.
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@taichi_kato Oh wow that is amazing. I couldn't imagine doing something like this in High School. Too busy trying to become good at H3.
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WOW!! Amazing! Wish I had this opportunity in HS
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@mendorshikh Thank you MJ!
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