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#3 Product of the DayMarch 01, 2019
Questo is a real-world city exploration game, offering mission-like routes (quests) which you can play in more than 40 European cities ✈
By following clues and solving riddles, you discover new places around the world, while finding out their hidden stories.
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Hey, everyone! I just wanted to give you a little back story for Questo. We’ve been working on the game for two years now, one of which was used mainly for testing with players and refining the game mechanics. Last year we were winners of Booster Labs by, and, from then on, we started expanding rapidly and developing even more features for the app. Over this time, we had more than 35,000 players who finished a route (quest) in one of the 40 cities we’re present now. A quest starts at a designated starting point. When you get there, you receive the first clue, which will help you reach the first location and will challenge you once you find it (search for an inscription on a building, look for a hidden object, solve a puzzle, decipher a code). If you answer correctly, you receive a real story about that place. These quests have different themes based on famous characters, local legends, books or movies; you play as a character and try to finish a mission. Also, you’ll receive virtual rewards and points to compete with other players. The quests are built with the help of a growing network of more than 100 local content creators (creative writers, treasure hunters, travel and gaming enthusiasts etc). They use our web platform to learn how to build a quest, and then to submit it. In the following months we plan on implementing an AR feature, which we’ll use to display characters, special effects and collectibles for the players. They will only be activated at checkpoints, so you won’t have to walk looking at the screen. We're really excited to seeing as many of you playing Questo around the world this year. Looking forward to your feedback! Wish you a fun exploration, Alex
This is really cool, love things that encourage real life exploration!
@aaronoleary Hi Aaron. Glad that you like it. Where are you located? We have now creators working at quests in many cities and there might be one near you. Looking forward to getting feedback from you as soon as you get the chance to play a quest.
@aaronoleary, that's great. Dublin's on our roadmap this Spring and we're actually looking for local creators at the moment. If you know any storytellers or creative writers who might be interested in helping us build some quests, please redirect them to us:
@questoapp @aaronoleary some late good news: we will launch our first quest in Dublin for Halloween: Hope to see you there:)
Great experience, an excellent way to know the city. I totally recommend it!
@simona_ghituran thanks for spreading the word about Questo. Looking forward to seeing you play many more quests in the future!

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One thing to do if you don't like to feel like a tourist and make plans on what to visit. The app will take you in places that you may or may not visit anyway but it will do it with a story. Your tourist mindset will reset, cos you'll have a mission now.
@geekvader thanks a lot for sharing this, Andrei. Hope to see you explore many more quests in future.