Challenge your friends in this questions and answers game

You send questions to your friends and they have to answer them within a time limit. If the questions are answered correctly your friends unlock their reward (hidden video or photo) But if your friends answer incorrectly, their reward will be lost forever!
👋 Hey Everyone! We’re beyond excited to announce the launch of QuestionU, the newest photo and video sharing app that allows you to share all your life moments, with a twist. Whether you’re sending clips from your favorite concert or the selfie you just took, the content is only viewable if your friends answer your creative questions correctly. For every question missed a piece of the prize (photo or video) will be lost forever! Celebrate a perfect score with a VICTORY dance. Your friends will have no choice but to watch you bust a move. 🕺 In addition to asking unique and challenging questions, you also determine how much TIME ⏳ your friend has to answer your questions before the content disappears! Always be ready to answer, because you’ll never know who wants to QuestionU. Have fun staying connected with your friends like never before, and find out who knows you best with your very own leaderboard. Based on correctly answered questions and time, your leaderboard will officially determine who your BFF is! So, gather your friends, and ASK AWAY!