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Questionsly is a social platform where you can ask and answer questions, and immediately see the results of any question after contributing your response. The data can then be filtered based on gender, age, and location.

It combines the open-source concept of Quora and Survey Monkey with real time data analysis.


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  • Jaa CeeSales Agent, UNO

    Definitely Yes! This platform shows a fast result of the questions posted. You can get others opinion by seeing the result.


    Maybe only few people know this exist.

    People should discover this!

    Jaa Cee has used this product for one week.


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AbadesiHunterHiring@abadesi · 👩🏽‍💻 Product Hunt | Hustle Crew | NTT
I'm the kind of person who often finds themself deep in the Quora black hole. I like how Questionsly is taking the Q&A experience to the next level with the social elements - you can create a friends list, create and join groups, etc. Could you please tell us more about how Questionsly came together - did you all start working on it at the same time? Why did you want to work on this specifically? Thanks @kartikdadwal @kristopherwindsor @fernando_funes
Kartik DadwalMaker@kartikdadwal · Founder at Questionsly; UCLA MBA
@kristopherwindsor @fernando_funes @abadesi I have been working on Questionsly since August of last year. It was a long journey for me, but an amazing one! Fernando and Kristopher joined me this year. A huge thanks to both of them! I saw that more and more survey tools were coming to the market but they weren't solving the actual pain point of "how do we reach people with these questions and if possible my target set of audience?" Online survey tools like Survey Monkey or Qualtrics were amazing when they first came on 2000s but now the problem has shifted from how to create surveys to how to reach our target audience for these questions - people constantly post links to their surveys on Facebook because they don't have much options and did it too. I took it upon myself to solve this problem and started working on Questionsly, which is built to connect people for a purpose - it help each other make better data-driven decisions. I totally believe that we can build a large community of people on Questionsly so we don't have to post links on other websites which are not meant for this purpose.
Kartik DadwalMaker@kartikdadwal · Founder at Questionsly; UCLA MBA
Thanks a lot for hunting us Abadesi! Hey PH community! We super-duper excited to launch Questionsly today. Traditional surveys methods are a thing of the past now. No more spamming your friends on Facebook to get answers to your survey style questions. Questionsly is a social platform that combines the open-source logic of Quora (people can see all the public questions and the answers) and Survey Monkey with real-time data analysis to get you the info needed to make your data-driven decision. The responses can be filtered based on age, gender, and location. - You can Sign/login to ask or answer questions. - You can see the results in easy-to-understand graphs that can be filtered on age, gender, and location. - You can add people to your friend list - You can create your public groups like coffee lovers or private groups like Product Hunt founders. You can post your questions in those groups to get responses from your target audience. - You see all the public questions from other people on your feed page. - You can see all the questions you answered or created under your profile page. - You can tag your questions and much more! We would love for you to sign up and start using Questionsly. If you have any questions, I'll be more than happy to answer it here for you guys. We are adding more features and capabilities to our platform and we would be happy to get your guys feedback! Thank you!! Kartik
Tarani Vishwanatha@taraniv · Engineering & Product Leader at Workday
@kartikdadwal - Congratulations on launching Questionsly. Can we use this to ask company specific questions, challenges we face internally and make data driven decisions ? I don't want to expose them outside the group.
Kartik DadwalMaker@kartikdadwal · Founder at Questionsly; UCLA MBA
@taraniv Yeah you can do it by creating a private group and inviting your colleagues to join the group. Only you guys inside the group will see the questions and results/responses and not people outside the group. :) Does that answer your question?
Tarani Vishwanatha@taraniv · Engineering & Product Leader at Workday
@kartikdadwal - Yes. Thank you.
Kartik DadwalMaker@kartikdadwal · Founder at Questionsly; UCLA MBA
Will write a blog post tonight on how to create groups and other things and share it with you tonight :)
Kartik DadwalMaker@kartikdadwal · Founder at Questionsly; UCLA MBA
@taraniv I just wrote a quick blog post on how to create questions/a survey on Questionsly. I will also write one pretty soon on creating private and public groups :) Please, let me know if this was helpful :)
Zeke Marks@zekers · Product Manager @ Cloudcade
This is fantastic! Just what the world needs! Quora has become a scramble of information without a smart way to organize and filter. Questionsly is a much cleaner and more precise system that actually allows smart filtering and organized views of questions and answers. Bravo!
Kartik DadwalMaker@kartikdadwal · Founder at Questionsly; UCLA MBA
@zekers Thank you for using us Zeke! Appreciate the kind words!
Dinz Pareja@dinz_pareja
Helloo... how this works..??
Kartik DadwalMaker@kartikdadwal · Founder at Questionsly; UCLA MBA
Hi @dinz_pareja on Questionsly you can connect with people, ask, and answer survey style questions with real-time data analysis