Card game you can play online and remotely by video calling

Card game you can play online. Each round, players get a question to which they have to answer. It has different questions packs depending on who you're playing with. You can play from any device and also remotely with the video calling feature.
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Hi there! Thank you for being here! I’m a 17 years old indie developer and Questions it’s a game I’ve invented when I was a kid. I’m really excited to share Questions with you. I’ll be short here, but you can read the whole story on my blog post. Because I was bringing the game to the world and I knew how to make things on the web, I wanted to spice it up a little bit 🔥. That’s why the game now has packs that depend on who are you playing with. Every pack is designed to empower the players to have relevant conversations, to learn new facts about each other, and to connect on a deeper level. If you play with your sibling, you should choose the Siblings pack because it’s meant for siblings to share things about themselves they wouldn’t share otherwise. If you want to play with your tinder match, you should choose the Tinder Match pack because it has questions to not only make talking with a stranger easier but for you to know each other and find compatibilities. Another feature is the option of playing the game on a video call. Because of what we have experienced lately with the pandemic I realized that users should be able to play it remotely to have fun and connect with their friends or family even if they’re not together. It’s again really simple: one of the players creates a room and shares the room name or the link with all the players, everyone joins the room and they can start playing. Why it’s both a great app and a great game? 🌐 No download, all on the web 👩🏻‍💻 You can play remotely in a video call 📱 You can play on any device with just an internet connection 🕚 No sign-up 😮 Have relevant and interesting conversations 🔍 Find important things about the players 💖 Build meaningful connections 🤩 Bond with the people around you I’m looking for feedback and I would love to hear any ideas or comments. I’ll be in my zoom math class from 10 to 11 am, but I bet I’ll be able to answer your comments and not get caught 😂
With Remove Work being the present and the future, I envision this as being a cool game that can be played by team members. Currently there are only a handful of games and you usually become competitive rather than building trust among members, so I think your solution combines both in an awesome package. Great product, keep listening to your users and make it perfect for them! 🎉
@cosmin_rusu Thank you! 🤩
Hi there, your host appears to be down as it is serving an error message every time I try to visit it
@robmcd86 Thank you for the feedback! I did a full check but it's up on my end. Have you refreshed to make sure you’re not seeing a cached version? Try again and please tell me if it worked.
I love it!
@remus_rusu Thank you! I'm happy you enjoy it!
Great idea! I'm just worried that with all those amazing stay-at-home products we will not go out when it's all over:))) Good work!
@mike784 Haha you might be right! Thank you so much!