QuestionBooth from Knozen

Ask your friends fun questions about each other

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Marc Cenedella
Founder, Ladders
After our last product launched on ProductHunt, we saw questions answered per day on the platform skyrocket. We went from 1,000 question answered / day in December to 15,000 / day in January and 40,000 / day in March. And it's pretty fascinating to see what people have to say when they're answering 40,000 personal questions a day! A new product request that we got over and over was "let us write our own questions". It took some time to get the right balance between ease of use and good results that we could use in the live games on the app. Hopefully, we've made the right trade-offs with this new product: QuestionBooth. In particular, structuring the questions turned out to be important, and doing some lightweight on-the-fly moderation in order to give question writers immediate feedback felt like the best way to go. Looking forward to people's comments today!
Thank. Logic tasks and puzzles attract me