Fastest open source database for time-series and analytics

QuestDB is an open source database for time series, events, and analytical workloads with a primary focus on performance.
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This product blows me away. Query 1 billion rows in <1 sec. Seriously, try their demo.
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For the story on how QuestDB came to be and the journey of its creator Vlad, see here: Applications : DevOps monitoring, application metrics, financial data, connected devices.
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@nicolas_hrd Awesome work man!
@nicolas_hrd Your story is amazing and your boot straping with gigs is quite resourceful will love to test it
This seems to be amazing. How does it compare in speed with Clickhouse? And is there a driver for PHP and NodeJs?
@csaba_kissi hi there - one of the main contributor of clickhouse came to bench questDB against it here :
@nicolas_hrd Thanks! One big advantage of Clickhouse is the compression. Any plans for this? It would be a game changer.
@csaba_kissi it's part of the roadmap :)
Woah! Quite a technical feat
This looks like a perfect fit for IoT applications and we will likely use it extensively.