Quest Coffee Club

Artisanal Colombian coffee delivered to your door

Quest Coffee Club is a monthly subscription service for artisanal Colombia Coffee. Each month we explore Colombia's most unique family farms to find the perfect bean. It's then small-batch roasted and delivered to your door within a week of it's roast date. **Use discount code ProductHunt for $4 off your first month!**

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Check out this monthly subscription service for specialty Colombia coffee! The gents were kind enough to provide a coupon code should you choose to sign up. Use coupon code ProductHunt at checkout for $4 off your first month.
@_jacksmith Thanks Jack for hunting our new coffee service! Excited to be on PH.
Good luck on the launch. 1) Why Columbian, specifically? Will you expand to other markets? 2) Why 7 days between roast and shipment? 3) How are things in Naptown in terms of coffee in your mind?
@tarungangwani thanks Tarun! 1: I’ve been living in Colombia for over 3 years, so this service stemmed from my experiences with amazing coffee here and wanting to share that to friends and family in the US. There’s also a case to be made that Colombia has some of the worlds best settings to grow and create unique and unforgettable coffees. 2: we ship the day after roasting, and the coffee arrives within a week from ship date. Coffee tends to continue degassing CO2 up until around that time, so the coffee arrives at a peak moment to brew it. 3: not sure I follow that question. 😬
@tarungangwani Hey Tarun! I can jump in on #3. The coffee scene in Indianapolis is really taking off right now. Lots of small local roasteries popping up all the time. The downtown scene is upping everyone’s knowledge and education about proper extraction at home, with cupping sessions a popular weekend activity. Partnerships with local breweries experimenting with coffee beers abound. Pretty exciting time for coffee in Naptown right now!
@jaredprice I’m in Indy too 😄 (and I roast my own) but I’d love a subscription service.
Is there a way to get the subscription in Colombia?
@jonathant no not at the moment. We are currently figuring out how to add international shipping though, so potentially soon!
Africa coffees please! (Kenya, Rwanda)
@pixelmelter Hey Alan! For now, we are focusing on Colombian coffees. I think you will understand why if you give our coffees a try. We think Colombian coffee is an amazing example of what coffee can be. :)