Mobile browser connects you to the web without distractions

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A web browser that does one thing very well: connects you to the web without distractions.
@erictwillis Thanks so much Eric. Steve Jobs put it best that when a new medium is invented, take the radio giving way to the television, people simply went back to their old comfortable ways of thinking, and the first tv were of a camera pointed at a radio. Why? Because what needed to happen that actually took some 15 years was people needed to completely put to rest their own ways of thinking tied to the old medium. Now 25 years from the birth of Netscape, from desktop computing giving way to web browsers. To mobile computing now giving way to a need for a web browsing platform, we have to completely rethink everything for this new medium. - don't be shy...
It looks so slick! I love the share button as well, I can’t tell you how many times I was struggling to copy a URL to a text message. Is there a way to change the drop background?
@shlominissan Thanks so much the previous version you simply two finger tapped anywhere on the bg to change it. We're bringing it back in all its glory. Will be blogging about this soon ;) ...go on hold down on an image and tell me what you see hehe This is just the beginning 2 member team + 5 months.
@nicholassheriff That’s awesome! Great work :)
@shlominissan Thanks man shoot me your email buddy would love to send you a build tomorrow of version 2.1 which includes bug fixes from 2.0 ( which is actually a 3 week old release ) in addition to the following: Voice search / natural language processing Create a push notification reminder with voice ( all hands free ) Silk Scrolling - hehe I'll just let you figure out that one 13,000 more trackers and ads blocked ..and a few more easter eggs I'm sure you'll stumble upon.