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Will Grant
UX & Product Design Author
Thanks for the hunt, @riaface! Hi everyone 👋 I’m Will, one of the founders of QueryTree. In a nutshell, QueryTree is a data reporting and visualisation tool that connects to SQL databases, enabling non-technical startup folks and marketers to access and analyse their data without the need for any code. “How many signups did we have today?” or “How many times did our big client log in last month?” are the kind of questions you’d normally have to ask a developer to write some SQL to answer. We specifically built QueryTree to make life easier for two groups of people: Software agencies and developers, who can implement it instead of spending a tonne of their time building bespoke reporting solutions Startup and marketing teams, who can use QueryTree to understand the story behind their data without needing to bother their developers for database access We’re really pleased to be featured on Product Hunt as we’ve recently relaunched with some great new features that massively increase the functionality of the app: Scheduling reports - once you’ve built a report once, you can then schedule it to run every day, week, or month Automatic emailing of scheduled reports, so your teammates (or investors) can stay up to date More data visualisation options, enabling you to view your manipulated data in a way that makes it super easy to interpret We come from software and startup backgrounds ourselves, so we used our own experience to try to create a tool that would save time, effort, and money for as many people as possible, whilst also making it easy to harness the power of data to make better decisions. I’d love to hear what the Product Hunt community think - please feel free to let me know your thoughts/feedback/concerns :) Thanks! - Will.
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